Monday, April 15, 2013

Report Back from Cabral Workshop

In this episode, Ameth speaks to organizers of a public workshop held in honour and memory of Amilcar Cabral.

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Blogging and Social Media, African Cup of Nations

Blogging and other forms of social media are huge on the African Continent. We speak with Dr. Neelika Jayawrdane of the blog Africa is a Country.

The African Cup of Nations football tournament finals are today, we get a recap of the tournament with Farid Omar

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Tribute to Amilcar Cabral, Part 2 and the African Cup of Nations continues

We continue our dedication to Amilcar Cabral. And an update on the African Cup of Nations tournament.

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African Cup of Nations 2013

Another African Cup of Nations is upon us, and we are always excited to see the action! We speak with Farid Omar for what to look out for in this year's tournament.

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Tribute to Amilcar Cabral, Part 1

We start the show off this week with an update of the situation in Mali. Then we spend the rest of the hour discussing the work and legacy of Amilcar Cabral

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US Deployment of Troops to the African Continent

On December 24th, US President Barack Obama announced the deployment of 3500 troops to various spots on the African continent to supposedly fight terrorism. This was a sneaky move from the government coming the day before Christmas so as to not garner much attention. We speak with Abayomi Azikiwe about this move and its implications. Azikiwe is the editor of the Pan-African News Wire.

We start the show off as always with headlines. Interview with Azikiwe starts at 19:02

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From Soweto to Cuito Cunavale

Interview with Issac Saney Cuba specialist who teaches at Dalhousie University (Canada) and is author of the acclaimed, Cuba: A Revolution In Motion. He is currently finishing the book From Soweto to Cuito Cuanavale: Cuba, The War in Angola and the End of Apartheid.

We will be talking about this important date (Jan 1988) and the battle of Cuito Canavalee that marked the beginning of the end of the Apartheird regime in South Africa.

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Update on Democratic Republic of Congo

Ameth speaks with Michael regarding the latest updates from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Liberation Cooperative Organization (LCO)

Interview with Owen Sheppard, member of Liberation Cooperative Organization (LCO) on a solidarity projec with the creation of an independent media in the heart of East Africa's second-largest slum in Nairobi (Kenya). People of Mathare have established their own independent media groups to share issues and generate conversations relevant to their lives.

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Grenada -

Interview with Kymani starts at 15:15. Before that news briefs from the continent.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Speak Sudan Magazine

In this segment of Amandla - An African Perspective, we speak with Mariam Ahmed from the new African youth magazine Speak Sudan about the magazines launch and objectives.  Check out the Speak Sudan magazine.

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Thatcher in Africa, FEMEN Debate

In this week's edition of Amandla- An African Perspectives, we first chat with Kuthula Matshazi about the legacy of Margaret Thatcher's policies and actions on the African continent, specifically Zimbabwe and South Africa. Then we talk to Roshan Jahangeer about the FEMEN controversy. FEMEN is a Western style feminist organization that has caused a lot of anger amongst Muslim women because of their racist and neocolonial attitude to Islam and liberation.

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