Monday, March 26, 2012

Occupy and Reclaim Nigeria: The Rise of People Power in a (Divided) Petro-State

For over a week in January 2012, a General Strike and massive street protests left Nigeria almost ungovernable, as citizens of Africa’s largest oil exporter overwhelmingly expressed their rejection of hikes in the prices of consumer fuels. In solidarity rallies in Toronto, New York, London and other global cities, there was show of resolve to ‘reclaim Nigeria’ from the ruling elite and their international allies. How did ‘Occupy Nigeria’ express the strength of peoples’ power, amidst Islamist and Niger Delta insurgencies in the north and south?

Featuring: Omoyele Sowore, Nigerian pro-democracy activist and Publisher of

Lead discussants: Pablo Idahosa, Asume Osuoka

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Elections in Senegal, Toronto Panel: We the People

On this week's African Perspectives, we spoke with Ameth Lo regarding the presidential elections in Senegal. The first round of presidential elections in Senegal were held on February 26th under tense circumstance, as incumbent president Abdoulaye Wade is seeking a third term, even though the constitution limits a president to only 2 terms. Since Wade did not win an outright majority, a second round of elections will be held on March 25th. Listen here

We then spoke with Isaac ‘Asume’ Osuoka regarding the upcoming panel discussion entitled "We the People: Power & Resistance in Africa Today" to be held on Wednesday March 21st at OISE (252 Bloor St W, Toronto), room 5-250. In recent years, there has been an explosion of protests, workers’ strikes and other forms of popular resistance across Africa. In countries like Nigeria, Guinea, Senegal and South Africa, African peoples are taking to the streets and public squares to express their outrage at corrupt puppet regimes, imposed neoliberal economic policies and diminished standards of living amidst a renewed scramble for African resources. What is the significance of the new African Awakening for the continent and its peoples? Listen here

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Somalia Conference in London and CAN finals

On Feb 23rd senior representatives from over 40 governments and multi-lateral organisations will come together in London for a conference that aims to deliver a new international approach to Somalia, but there is widespread criticism that this conference, which was organized without the input of Somalis themselves, is an act of neocolonialism and forced foreign rule. African Perspectives spoke to Abdi Dirshe, the current president of the Somali Canadian Diaspora Alliance. For more information on the Alliance or to reach Abdi, email him at:

In the second part of the show we spoke with Farid Omar to get the final take on this year's Cup of African Nation's which was won by Zambia.

We start the show with headlines from the African Continent

Headlines: 0 - 15:10
London Conference on Somali with Abdi Dirshe: 15:11 - 43:50
African Cup of Nations 2012 with Farid Omar: 43:51 - end

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