Monday, March 26, 2012

Occupy and Reclaim Nigeria: The Rise of People Power in a (Divided) Petro-State

For over a week in January 2012, a General Strike and massive street protests left Nigeria almost ungovernable, as citizens of Africa’s largest oil exporter overwhelmingly expressed their rejection of hikes in the prices of consumer fuels. In solidarity rallies in Toronto, New York, London and other global cities, there was show of resolve to ‘reclaim Nigeria’ from the ruling elite and their international allies. How did ‘Occupy Nigeria’ express the strength of peoples’ power, amidst Islamist and Niger Delta insurgencies in the north and south?

Featuring: Omoyele Sowore, Nigerian pro-democracy activist and Publisher of

Lead discussants: Pablo Idahosa, Asume Osuoka

Listen to this panel here

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  1. People power is breaking the walls between countries, sectors, gender and generations.

    Jardin Smith International