Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The BBC African Debate: What Debate? Interview with Femi Akomolafe

The BBC has been reporting news since its mother company, the British Broadcasting Company Ltd, was founded in 1922 by six British telecom companies. The year, however, the world's largest broadcaster has decided to make the news. And where else to start? - Africa, where the BBC's inaugural "Africa Debate" opened in Ghana on 27 January, under the audacious theme: "Is an African Spring necessary, and is it possible?" The audience could not miss the cheek in a foreign broadcaster, from a former imperial power, trying to incite revolutions in Africa. We spoke with Femi regarding the irony of the BBC's new focus, the BBC colonial past and the role of African media in creating dialogue between African nations.

Before our interview, as always, we bring you headlines from the African continent.

Listen to the program here
Headlines: 0 - 14:30
Interview with Femi: 14:31

To read Femi Akomolafe's article in March's edition of the New African Magazine, click here

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